Monday, April 25, 2016

Recipe for a Great Saturday

Step 1: Wake up when the sun rises, unaided by an alarm clock.  Roll over and stay in bed for another hour or so, just relaxing.

Step 2: 1st breakfast.  Eat a little something to kickstart your metabolism.  Check email and facebook while munching on your Special K.

Step 3: Suit up and go out for a 10 mile run.  Don’t get down on yourself if this turns into an 8 mile run.  Your muscles are tired from yesterday’s swim and trail run; 10 miles was probably ambitious for today anyway.  Enjoy the view and the sunshine and the city that you live in all the same.  Agree to use the run as an excuse to eat and drink whatever you want for the rest of the day. 

Step 4: Runner’s yoga following an online video to help you stretch out. 

Step 5: Shower, then brunch.  Be sure to eat a good mix of protein and carbs to keep your energy up after that run. 

Step 6: Whip up some delicious baked goods for a party this afternoon.  Pat yourself on the back for finding a recipe that called for all ingredients you had on hand.  (Remember as the bars are in the oven that the host of the party is gluten-free, and you just dumped tons of flour into your contribution for the day.  It’s about the third time this year you’ve done this when visiting these same people.  Console yourself with the fact that many of the other guests will still be able to eat what you’re bringing). 

Step 7: Watch an episode on Netflix.  Then, take a nap. 

Step 8: Go to the birthday/ANZAC day celebration.  Enjoy the company of good friends, small dogs, and learn a bit about Kiwi traditions and memories from your amazing hosts.  

Rose's speech and memorial poem telling us about ANZAC Day

Step 9: Go to a friend’s house and get pretty with the girls.  Dress, shoes, hair, make-up…check. 

Step 10: Apologize to the taxi driver for making him wait.  Together, figure out the address for this ball you’ll be attending. 

Step 11: Arrive at the British ambassador’s residence and enjoy the festivities of the yearly British Ball.  Take pictures of the awesome 1920s outfits, eat delicious food, snap photos, and—most importantly—dance the night away. 

Step 12: Well, by this point it’s technically Sunday.  Make sure your friends arrive home safely, and go to bed.