Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's a pool...in the ocean??

Welcome back to Puerto Rico, my friends!
Quick recap.
Since I wrote last, I: spent 12 more days in the US (time which included New Year’s Eve, a weekend trip to see Rachel, some relaxation with a good book, and multiple lunch, dinner, and coffee dates with friends I hadn’t seen in quite some time!), came back to PR, and started classes again. 

Now you’re up to speed. 

Last weekend, Josh and Amanda and I decided we wanted to go on “an adventure.”  I wasn’t too particular about where we went; I just wanted to explore somewhere new and get out of Guayama.  Josh and Amanda told me they’d pick me up with a plan in mind.  So I dressed for a hike, and packed a lunch and my beach gear, and we were set. 

We ended up in Lajas, at a peculiar sort of place.  It’s called Playita Rosada.  And it’s a pool…in the ocean.  If that doesn’t make much sense to you at first, well, join the club.  Apparently the city of Lajas decided to build this…thing…because the city is on the coast, but without prime beaches to draw in tourists. 

Basically what it is is a rectangle-shaped deck out a bit from shore (the walkway connects to the shore).  There’s a chain-link fence that goes from the deck to the ocean floor, which keeps out big fish and jellyfish, so I guess that’s comforting (though it’s not something that really worries me much when I swim in the ocean). 

Playita Rosada--the "pool"

I’m still not 100% sure I understand the draw of this place, but we did have fun there.  And we enjoyed jumping in (and watching the kids who were there do the same), which is something you can’t do at a normal beach. 

Since it was cold when we arrived, (okay…chilly to go for a swim…still quite comfortable in comparison to, say, Winter in Wisconsin) we decided to take a short hike to warm up.  We were rewarded with some pretty great views of la playita from above.  And by the time we got back, we were ready for lunch and a swim!  Good day.  

la playita from above


  1. that's totally awesome halo! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Rewind! Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it, lady! :-D