Monday, October 31, 2011

Back in Running Shoes

About two months ago, I decided to sign up to run the San Blas Half Marathon in Coamo, PR on Feb. 5th.  Since then, I’ve gotten back on a running schedule—running 3-4 (okay sometimes 2-3) times per week, with one “long” run of 6 miles per week.

Today, though, the REAL training begins.  I am back on a schedule, my long runs are about to start increasing in distance each week (7 successful miles tonight), and I’m even going to start some speedwork once a week.

It feels good to know I need to hold myself accountable again.  My goal for this half marathon is 2 hours or under.  It’s ambitious, seeing as that would mean besting my time from my first (and only) half by almost 8 minutes.  But I’m told it’s possible, if I work at it.  So…now’s the time I need to be held accountable.

Starting today, the diet is changing (okay, maybe after today…I may have dug into the Halloween candy that no trick or treaters came to take off my hands), the workout regimen is changing, and my outlook on the whole thing is, hopefully, changing.  I’m excited to begin!!  

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