Sunday, May 13, 2012

Signs of a Good Day

1. A lobster-red sunburn on my neck and shoulders
2. The impressive bruises under my left arm
3. Not a photo taken
4. Utter exhaustion by 7pm 

Yesterday we went out on Delgado’s boat again.  We started at a place that I think was called Tres Palmas.  We were the only ones there, and the water was really shallow.  We could hear and see the waves breaking from the ocean not too far away.  Eddy found a conch—a living one, that crawled out of its shell for us to see how truly weird the creature was.  He also found a living sea anemone that we explored like star-struck children. 

Eddy's conch (photo taken by (and stolen from))
Danielle Bergeron

After a few hours of relaxation, Delgado asked us, “So, do you want to go island hopping?”  With a hearty yes, we responded.  We drove to the harbor in Salinas, and without stopping, went from there to Cayo Matias to time the trip (20 minutes).  We spent a few more hours at Cayo, puttering around in the chest deep water, eating Victor Pollo (and feeding some to the fish), and forgetting to put on sun screen.  

At 5, we decided to go back.  At our first burst of speed, my seat cushion and I at the front of the boat slipped off the seat and onto the floor.  I was all laughter, and Eddy strictly instructed, “Hold onto the rope!”  (And that’s how I got those impressive bruises on my underarm). 
On the way back, Delgado pushed the boat’s speed to the max, and I laughed into the wind as we skimmed over the waves.  A beautiful, beautiful end to a very good day.  

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