Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feeling at Home

I feel as though I haven't written as much or as often this school year, and I apologize for that.  I think the reason why is that this year, being in Puerto Rico feels more like home.  I have a life here now.  I have more friends from the area than I did last year, and I know my way around a bit better.  This means that the weekends are less about heading off to find the next adventure, and more about decompressing from the week and spending time with friends--like a normal person. 

Last weekend, on Friday, Kelsey and I had a joint birthday party for each other at her apartment.  The night was a complete success, with lots of food and drink and great company.  We ended up with enough leftovers to throw two or three more parties.  :) 

Saturday, we headed to Playa Caribe (a local beach) for a full day of relaxing in the sunshine.  I came home with a slight sunburn--proof I was at the beach which I haven't had much of so far this year. 

And Sunday, I spent at home, cleaning and grading and relaxing.  Kezia came over in the evening, and we watched a movie together. 

So you see?  It's just life.  No big adventures, no exciting stories.  And yet, that's the way I like it.  I am enjoying this year as much, if not even more, than last year. 

In other updates: I currently have a non-functional computer.  It's my own, fault, of course.  The computer may have, err...fallen off a table.  In the process, the charger was damaged at the point where it plugs into the computer.  After several hours (days?) of panic as to what I would do when eventually the computer would no longer recognize the charger, and my battery would die, I did come to my senses and save all documents necessary for day-to-day life onto a flashdrive.  My computer is now dead, but I can use the school computer during the day, and in the evening, my phone's internet connection has been a blessing, allowing me to stay connected to the all-important facebook world.  I ordered the new charger, and it should be here soon(ish).  Fingers crossed that that's the only problem with the computer. 

I got the brakes fixed on my car last week as well.  Now I only have 2...maybe 3 or 4...issues left to fix on it (ranging in importance, of course, from big to small). 

And of course, the other big news from last week was my birthday.  I completed my "peseta"--my quarter.  I'm 1/4 of the way to 100 years old!  Thankfully, there's no quarter-life-crisis for me.  I'm quite pleased with the way I'm living my life. 

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