Sunday, November 11, 2012

La Cueva Ventana

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place.  Amanda and Josh and I tackled la cueva ventana (the window cave) near Arecibo yesterday, and the view did not disappoint!! 

It took us about 2 hours to drive to the window cave.  We parked at Texaco, paid $2 to do so, saw this interesting sign:

and set off up the trail to the cave.  The cave was easy to find.  There was one fork in the trail, but thankfully a guy had set up shop there selling bottles of water (I think), and he told us to go to the left.  Once we got to the entrance, we pulled out our light sources (I finally got to use the headlight I got as a graduation present almost 2 years ago!) and set off into the dark depths of the cave. 

The walk was pretty short and easy to follow, and soon we saw the light from the window, and then we were there!  We had great timing, as one group of people was just leaving as we arrived, so we had the view all to ourselves.  It was truly magnificent!! 

I finally got to use my headlamp!! 

After the window cave, we walked through the other cave that’s right there, which is basically a big cavern.  We used a rather sketchy rope (hung from a massive tree root coming from the ceiling that swayed back and forth when we touched it) to climb up, and we exited through a smaller opening—a shortcut back to the path down the hill! 

Since we’d only spent about half an hour total at la cueva ventana, we decided to try and find a waterfall we’d read about before heading home.  Unfortunately, the turn mentioned in the directions I had doesn’t seem to exist, so we didn’t find it.  We decided instead to head to Lago Dos Bocas, which was well marked on my map. 

The lake is a beautiful place to relax.  There are 4 restaurants on the lake, and each has a boat which ferries guests for free from the dock. We’d brought our own picnic lunches, so we forewent this service and simply sat in the shade at a picnic table, enjoying our food, the breeze, and the great view.

Lago Dos Bocas 

On the way home, we wound our way through the mountains rather than taking the expressway home.  What a beautiful day!  

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