Sunday, March 10, 2013

Corriendo en Jajome (Running in Jajome)

Next weekend, there’s a half marathon in Utuado called the Guatibiri del Otoao.  Neither Lucy nor I have really been distance running or training since San Blas, but we were both thinking of giving next weekend’s half marathon a go.  We decided to get together for a long run this weekend and see how things went. 

However, when I texted her to find out what time to meet her on Sunday morning, the response was, “Vamos hacer una larga en Jajome con un grupo q viene d San Juan q va para el Guatibiri.  Hay q estar a las 6:00am t va conmigo llegas a mi casa!”  (Loose translation: We’re going to do a long run in Jajome with a group that’s coming from San Juan and is going to run Guatibiri.  Be at my house at 6am and we’ll go together from there.”) 

6:00am?  On a Sunday morning?  But that would mean getting up at 5am (which is earlier than I EVER get up for school), leaving the house by 5:20, driving to Salinas, meeting Lucy, and then driving to Cayey/Jajome—all before the sun came up! 

I said thanks, but no thanks.

THANKFULLY, Lucy didn't give up, and I ended up changing my mind.  Boy, am I glad that I did!! 
This morning’s run in Jajome, a section of Cayey, which is in the mountains, was an amazing experience. 

I swiped this photo from
because I didn't take one myself this morning.
The route is a popular running route, and on Saturday mornings I guess it gets packed.  Today, there were only two or three other cars there when we got there.  I can see why it’s so popular.  The views along the road of the mountains and valleys are fabulous, and the air is fresh and cool being so high in the mountains.  I was impressed that they have the miles marked with signs and painted on the road, and there are also signs warning drivers to pay attention and slow down because athletes are training.  This is appreciated because it’s a narrow, 2 lane road with no shoulder.  Thankfully we didn't encounter much traffic, and the cars we did see didn't coming whipping around the bends too quickly. 

I just can’t express how much I enjoyed my 10 mile run with Lucy and her two friends, Michelle and Marlene.  I wish I could go every single weekend.  If only Jajome were a ten minute drive, rather than a 30-45 minute drive.

What am I saying?  I live on a tropical island and have the opportunity to run in rain-forested mountains.  And I’m complaining about a 30 minute drive? 
I take it back.

Lucy and I both felt good today, so that means that next Sunday, there’s another half marathon in store for us!!  

Relaxing after our run.  

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