Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Last Fling

It’s getting to be that time!  The seniors graduated last Friday, the 8th graders will graduate this coming Friday, and I’ve been busy at school packing up the classroom.  But outside of school, my time in PR is coming to an end too, and last weekend was one of doing things “one last time.” 

Friday night after the graduation ceremony, we girls threw Sonja a little bachelorette party.  Nothing major or crazy—just a crown and a wand, a game of Cranium, and a night out on the town.  We had a great time.  And though it was not really Sonja’s “one last fling before the ring,” as we all know she and Robert have many, many great nights out ahead of them, it was probably my last night out in Guayama, and my last time at the places we stopped at. 

The bachelorette! 

Sunday, because we had a day off on Monday for Memorial Day, Kelsey and Kezia and I traveled north to spend one last night at Da House in Old San Juan.  We spent our morning in Condado, first at Kasalta for breakfast (which got its 15 minutes of fame when President Obama visited in 2011), and then at the beach.  The sun was out in full force, but there was a breeze to keep us cool (and blow lots of sand at us).  It was a prime day for dogs at the beach, and I had lots of fun watching dogs of all shapes and sizes bond with their loving owners and interact with each other.  It was a nice change from seeing only scraggly, stray dogs at the beach begging for handouts. 

By mid-afternoon, we’d had our fill of sunshine and went to the hotel to shower and then go out for dinner.  We went to J-Taste, our favorite Japanese restaurant, and for the first time ever, Kezia and I got hibachi.  It was a great show, and delicious food.  Definitely worth it. 

Assembling the onion "volcano"

I do believe he was throwing a bit of fire at me! 

We spent the rest of our night visiting Old San Juan’s many establishments.  I was struck by the difference between this last trip and our first there.  Though we definitely do not know Old San Juan inside and out yet, we know our way around much better now than we once did.  The first time we ever went, going out consisted of us walking around, peeking through doors and trying to decide what might be worth checking out.  On Sunday, we moved with purpose.  “Nono’s has pool tables.”  “There will probably be hip hop playing at Moreno.”  “Let’s go to the Nuyorican for salsa dancing.”  Though we weren’t sure everything would be open late on a Sunday, we found ourselves dancing (salsa, merengue, hip hop, even a little reggaeton) until 4am.    After a dip in the hot tub atop Da House, we fell into bed content and exhausted. 

There’s no doubt about it.  My last weekend on mainland Puerto Rico was a success, by all accounts.  

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