Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finding Black Sand

Last Sunday morning in Vieques, I realized why it’s so difficult for some people to find the black sand beach there.  If I had not had the knowledge that the path was coming up at Km 7 of Rte 201, I never would have guessed to stop at the gate or seen the spray-painted arrows. 

But knowing what to look for, finding the beach couldn’t have been simpler.  After parking, my parents and Rachel and I embarked down the path.  Right away we noticed there was a lot of horse manure scattered about.  And sure enough, a few minutes down the path, 4 horses came walking up from the direction of the beach.  We stepped to the side and let them pass, and 3 of them did, but the 4th was so scared by us that he doubled back and tried to find an alternate route around the path.  He didn’t have luck, and his buds were waiting for him, so he ended up running past us on the opposite side of path from us.  It was a little endearing, but also makes you wonder what humans may have done to him in his life to cause such fear.

The rest of the short walk to the beach was uneventful.  We saw several more horses, a lizard or two, and some pretty foliage.  And then the beach stretched before us! 

At first it wasn’t much to look at.  Rachel remarked, “we have sand like this in Guayama!”  But as we ventured down farther, the black sand became more pronounced and it was pretty cool.  Tide was up, or just going out, so the sand was all packed down, but we finally found a bit that was dry enough to scoop up without making mud, and Rachel collected some for her “sand around the world project.”  (The project didn’t have a name—until now.  I just dubbed it.) 

Playa Negra, Vieques

The trip to the black sand beach on Vieques was quick and easy, but I was very glad we’d decided to undertake it!  We got some great pictures, and we all got to experience something a little different from the norm.  

Playa Negra, Vieques

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