Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To Be French

In Nancy, France, we are visiting our friend Fuse (pardon the nickname) from college.  She studied abroad here, met someone, and after graduation, returned to get her master’s degree in Mathematics (taking all of her classes in French, which was her other major for undergrad).  We have the pleasure of staying with her boyfriend Guillaume’s parents. 
It’s perfect. 

Once again, we are experiencing the authentic France.  Danielle and Michel’s home is beautiful, and to me, it (and they) embody everything I define in my head as “French.”  The décor, the architecture, the beautiful patio and garden with roses and an elegant weeping willow.  Danielle makes delightful French food, much of it made with fresh ingredients.  We were greeted upon arrival Saturday night with a glass of champagne and yummy little cheesy puff biscuits (which I cannot remember the French name of).   Dinner consisted of vegetable soup, followed by quiche Lorraine, a cheese course which included goat cheese, camembert, and two others I don’t recall the name of, and to finish, a dome of hazelnut ice cream covered in a chocolate shell (which Fuse told us was a very special treat for the house).  Sunday there was ratatouille and rotisserie chicken with fresh strawberry pie (made with strawberries Liz and I picked from the garden that morning).  And always, there is good wine. 

Our days have—and will continue to be—fantastic here too.  Fuse is an excellent hostess, making sure we experience all that Nancy and the surrounding area has to offer.  We saw a light show in Place Stan, a museum of pieces unique to Nancy, and walked through the countryside and through a small village.  We toured the cathedral and “Le Petite France” in Strasbourg, and followed a self-guided walking tour through the picturesque village of Riquewihr.  We had a picnic next to a river in a tiny village of the Alsace.  Tomorrow we leave France (briefly) in order to take in Luxembourg.    I’m so blessed.  This trip just makes me unspeakably happy, and I’m so glad to be experiencing it all.  

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