Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Shrek, I'm Looking Down!"

I think that the movie Shrek probably falls into the category of “lifelong favorites” for me.  I’ve seen it several times over the years, have the soundtrack memorized, and really enjoy the way the story-line and humor blend together. 

In one scene in the movie, Shrek and Donkey have to cross a very rickety old bridge.  Of course it’s towering over a pit of boiling lava, and Donkey has some trepidation about crossing.  Shrek crosses easily, looking straight ahead of him and focusing on the walking along the bridge, not the lava.  He tells Donkey to do the same.  Donkey makes it about halfway, but then a board breaks beneath his foot, and Donkey exclaims in a panic, “Shrek, I’m looking down!!!” 

Today feels like I’m looking down.  Leading up to the move to Guatemala, I’ve been remarkably calm and relaxed.  I haven’t had any nervousness about it at all, really.  I’ve gotten a few things in order, kept myself organized, and for the most part have felt confident that the school has been doing a lot to ease the transition for new teachers and that I’ll be taken care of once I get there.  Heck, I even have a friend at the school already.  I have nothing to be scared of.  I’ve been walking along that bridge, my eyes on the other side, completely confident I’ll reach it safe and sound. 

Except today I looked at the calendar, and suddenly I’m 4 days away from moving.  And it certainly feels like I should have been doing more to get ready to leave.  Like there’s got to be something I’m forgetting and the fact that I’ve forgotten will make my life pretty miserable my first few weeks in Guate.  I’m looking down.  And that boiling lava looks pretty perilous as it swirls below me. 

The thing is, it’s hard to get to the other side of the bridge when you’re frozen in the middle, staring at the danger below you.  Being scared doesn’t solve your problem.  In the movie, Donkey has Shrek, who distracts him and by doing so, gets him safely across the bridge.  Sometimes, despite being a grown adult, I need someone to make the simple tasks which have suddenly become overwhelming seem less so.  Thankfully, moms are really good for that.  Even when they just sit in the same room as you and laugh at how much you’re freaking out and then maybe make a common sense suggestion or two.   I know I’ll get across my bridge just fine, and on the other side, the next big adventure will be waiting for me.  

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