Monday, February 27, 2012

Fabled Voyage

When I (and I think most of the other American teachers can say the same) was offered my job here, one of the “perks” the school director described was a daytrip for the American teachers on the director’s boat.  Mr. Delgado painted a vivid picture of how he would fill the boat’s cooler with food and drinks and take the American teachers out one weekend on the blue Caribbean waters, stopping at a secluded island to swim and enjoy the sun.

It wasn’t what sold me on the job offer, but I’ll admit it sounded pretty nice.

The first semester of school passed without this fabled boating trip coming to pass, though we made one attempt at scheduling it in November.  But finally, last weekend, when we had Monday off for Columbus Day, we received our promised outing.

It just so happened to fall on my friend Lily’s last day with me, so she was able to come along and was treated to an experience most of my other visitors will not be privileged to.  Lucky her! 
Lucky me!

At 9:30 in the morning, Lily and I, Jenni, Kelsey, Danielle, and Eddie drove down to the Marina outside of town and met Mr. Delgado there.  We loaded our supplies into Mr. Delgado’s small boat (he has a larger boat as well, and has told us he’ll attempt to take us all out on that someday; because the small boat only seats 7, the boys and Rachel got left out of this trip), and took off for the island.

Kelsey and Eddie, Delgado at the wheel.

Mountains slipping away in the distance.

I can’t remember the name of the little island where we ended up.  It was lined with mangroves, and there was no beach.  However, we discovered that we really didn’t need one.  The water was only chest-deep, so we dropped anchor and slipped over the side of the boat to swim and snorkel.  Mr. Delgado passed us drinks and food over the edge, and when we needed a break, we clambered back over the side (or over the motor) to get back onto the boat and help ourselves to items from our packs. 

Danielle enjoying the water.

I love Jenni in the background of this one.

Climbing up over the motor was the hardest part; the metal was so hot!!

The weather was perfect, the water refreshing, the food and drink delicious.
A very pleasant way to pass Columbus Day.  

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  1. Haha...I had visitors and couldn't come. The size of the boat wouldn't have stopped me. I would have gladly been tugged around on my inflatable tube.