Monday, March 12, 2012

Driving One of "Those" Cars

I live in a pretty safe neighborhood.  But at the same time…not.  What I mean is…I don’t feel unsafe in my neighborhood.  When I’m inside, I often leave the front door wide open.  Neighbors spend time on their front porches.  Yet just as often…when I’m not in the living room, I lock and deadbolt my front door.  Stuff happens. 
Being a small town girl, though, I just never expected it to happen to me.

Last Tuesday, when I went out to my car to head to school in the morning, I reached to unlock the driver’s side door, and stopped.  Sucked in my breath…and stared at the driver’s side back window. 
Or lack thereof. 

The window was laying on the back seat, shattered into tiny pieces. 

In the front seat…the stereo was missing.  Of course.

Shaken, I got into the car and drove to school, bits of glass falling from the window frame every time I made a corner.  Thankfully, I had absolutely nothing else of value in the car, so nothing was missing.  They even left me my cds which I had in the front seat. 

At school, Eddie went out to inspect the car, and put a garbage bag over it (which was good, because the next night and day it rained nearly continuously). 

Seeing my car with the bagged window, I couldn’t help but thinking, “I never thought I’d be driving one of ‘those’ cars!” 

Thankfully, due to Eddie’s awesomeness, I had a new window in my car by Wednesday night.  I hadn’t been expecting it until Friday, but Eddie got the window and put it in for me as soon as he had it.  I was just hoping to have it before the weekend, when Liz was supposed to get here. 

Even though the part about Liz coming ended up being a moot point, I’m still glad to have glass in my back window again. 

The radio?  We’ll see if I get around to replacing that anytime soon.  Maybe if I come into some unexpected money.  

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