Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let Down

I won’t lie.  To say I was looking forward to my sister visiting me in Puerto Rico over her spring break in an understatement.  It was the highlight of my school year.  I am pretty sure I was more excited about spending a week with Liz than I was about taking a 7 night cruise with 3 of my best friends over my spring break.  And that’s saying something.  That cruise is going to be awesome.

My sister is my other half.  She and I are perfect complements to each other.  Sometimes I think that if you combined the two of us into one person, you’d have the perfect woman.    She’s extroverted;  I’m introverted.  She loses things; I remind her where she put them.  She loves math and science; I love English and the arts.  I took a job teaching in Puerto Rico; her dream job is teaching at our old high school.  She’s the entertainment on a roadtrip; I’m the one who plans the itinerary and makes the reservations.  I cook healthy meals with lots of vegetables; she just eats an entire frozen pizza (and doesn’t gain an ounce).  We make each other laugh.  We understand each other perfectly.
I miss her.

I was supposed to be picking Liz up from the airport this afternoon.  Unfortunately, fate had other plans for us.    Last night, on her way to the airport, she got into a car accident.  Another driver (an 88 year old man who may have been drinking) turned right in front of her.  Liz ended up in the emergency room with fractures around her eye, lots of bruises, and thankfully nothing more serious.  Her car is mangled, from all accounts, but she miraculously came out (relatively) unscathed.

The good news (and it is VERY good news) is that Liz is okay.  Also, though it's still under investigation, most likely it will be ruled the accident was not her fault, which would mean insurance will pay for her car and hospital bills. 

The bad news is that because of the fractures around her eye, changes in air pressure like those experienced while flying are not a good idea. 

So she won’t be coming to Puerto Rico this week.  

Update: check out these photos of my sister's car.  SHE'S SO LUCKY JUST TO BE ALIVE!!

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