Friday, July 6, 2012

O Summer, Where Hast Thou Gone?

In less than 3 weeks, I’ll be back in PR! Yikes!  Where’s the time gone?!

Short version of what I’ve done this summer:
I have:
-worked at Wettstein’s
-attended 2 weddings, and one funeral
-taken a mini-roadtrip to Illinois
-spent a day in Wisconsin Dells
-showed Kelsey around La Crosse
-had many great nights with old friends, and made some new ones
-eaten at a lot of restaurants
-seen people I didn’t think I’d get the chance to see
-indulged in ice cream
-gone running to burn off the ice cream
-hiked up the bluffs
-read 3 books (so far)

Longer (more detailed) version of my summer:
The past 5 weeks at home have been great.  My first 2 ½ weeks were super busy.  I began my summer working at Wettstein’s again.  I’m so grateful that they were willing to take me on for such a short period of time and that they found work for me to do.  It was a great way to stay busy, see old friends again, and of course make a bit of spending cash.  During those first few weeks, I also spent most nights catching up with friends and seeing people as well as touring all of my favorite restaurants in the area.  I think I’ve been to all my favorites now…some of them more than once.  I’ve spent great evenings talking with people I’ve realized will probably be friends forever. 

Riverside Park, La Crosse

Baking with my sister

Next up on the summer whirlwind was a trip to Ottawa, Illinois, to visit Kelsey in her hometown.  We stayed for 3 days, and I had a fantastic time meeting her friends, hiking, going to the drive-in theater, and even attending the wedding of one of her friends.  Then Kelsey followed me north, and we spent a day in Wisconsin Dells with one of my friends from home.  After that, we spent 2 days in my hometown, and I showed her all the sights, hiked the bluffs, and took her downtown to experience La Crosse nightlife.  We, too, had an amazing time. 

Hiking at Starved Rock

Kelsey loves Pirate's Cove in the Dells!

Ice cream at the Pearl, in La Crosse

After Kelsey went home, my cousin Deanna was in town from San Diego.  Seeing her was an unexpected surprise.  Though she was in town for the funeral of a close friend, which was sad, the fact that we got to spend time with her was really nice. 

And the same day Deanna left, my friend G-Money (nickname…her real name’s Amanda) arrived in La Crosse after a year in Taiwan!  I spent two days glued to her side as we enjoyed La Crosse’s highlights and saw as many friends as we could pack in in such a short time. 

out for a hike

Re-united.  :) 

A great group of friends!

Today, I have a day to myself to catch up on all of the things I’ve been putting off all summer long.  Working on my Professional Development Plan to keep my Wisconsin teaching license current, printing photos for my album, and reading.  Tomorrow I will run a 10K and then spend the day with my mom. 

And on Monday, I go on my next big adventure: Trekking in Peru!!  Blog posts are sure to follow.  

Wearing my pack for a hike to prepare for Peru.

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