Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back in Paradise

I’ve been back in Puerto Rico for ten days now, though it seems both much longer and much shorter at times.  My first week and a half has not brought a lot of excitement.  I’ve spent time meeting and getting to know our five new American teachers, settling in to my home here again, and setting up my classroom at school. 

As tropical depressions pass by the island, we’ve been getting quite a lot of rain—which has eliminated the possibility of taking any extensive trips so far.  I have made it to Guavate, to introduce Amanda and Josh (one of the new couples) to the delicious lechón served there.  We went to Charco Azul that day as well, and watched the locals jump from the rocks into the blue-green pond.  I’ve been to our three “local” beaches, though this weekend swimming wasn’t possible at two of them due to angry, scary waves.  Last weekend Eddy took us to a place in Salinas playing merengue and bachata music, and I attempted to learn the basic merengue steps.  Probably looked quite silly…but that’s what life is about.   

Though I was sad to leave friends and family at home, being back here has been good.  I think this year promises a lot of good things for all of us. 

More stories (and pictures) will come soon!  We begin school this coming Thursday, and I’m excited to see my old students again and meet my new ones.   

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