Monday, August 20, 2012

Savoring a Sunday Afternoon

It’s hard to believe I’ve been back in Puerto Rico for almost a month already.  The time has passed quickly, and has been filled with getting to know one another, preparing for a new school year, and beginning the school year.  We haven’t had great luck with having beautiful, sunny Saturdays so far, so most of our weekends have been pretty uneventful.  There’s not much to do for excitement in Puerto Rico on a rainy day, as it turns out.

Last weekend we did sneak in a cloudy hike in the rainforest on Saturday.  We made it to the peak with perfect timing; we snapped our pictures and enjoyed the view, and then the clouds rolled in, erasing the vista.  I particularly enjoyed the moment, because I felt like I was living an instant foretold.  Last spring, when Liz and I hiked to the same spot, a hiker coming up behind us told us that on a cloudy day, you could sit where we were standing and watch the clouds rush up the mountain towards you, shooting over your head and engulfing you.  Last Saturday, I experienced that—and it was every bit as inspiring as our fellow hiker had made it out to be. 

Los Picachos--before the clouds obscured them

Amanda found a leaf--to use in case it rained.  :) 

Yesterday—Sunday—was the best day I’ve had since being back this fall, however.  All nine American teachers met up at Chidiopolis, a public beach just 15 minutes from our house that we didn’t know existed until late last spring.  We claimed the perfect picnic table in the shade right next to the  water, and for lunch we grilled chicken and enjoyed other tasty sides.  Josh brought his slackline along, and he tied it up between 2 palm trees and taught everyone the basics of attempting the walk.  I’d seen plenty of people slackline in college, but had never attempted it myself.  We all had a blast trying to master it; it’s an addicting activity!

The master.

At first I couldn't get much farther than this.

Our picnic area at the beach.  Perfection!

In the late afternoon, we threw a Frisbee around and jumped through the waves.  We were all just completely happy and high on life.  As the sun began to sink in the sky, we packed up our belongings and headed for home, tired, but refreshed, rejuvenated, and a little more ready to begin week 2 with students.  

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