Friday, March 21, 2014

The Ball

I’ve been to plenty of formal dances in my lifetime.  Prom, weddings, “band formals,” homecoming celebrations…I’ve been there.  But there’s something about the word “ball” which makes an event infinitely more special. 

Last weekend, I attended the British Ball at the home of the British Ambassador to Guatemala.  It’s a fundraising event, and every year a large group of teachers from my school buy tickets and partake in a night of dressing up, eating good food, and lots and lots of dancing. 

It was my first year attending the ball, and I was supremely excited.  I was lucky enough to borrow a stunning gown from a friend.  In the afternoon, Steph and I went to a salon and got our hair done.  Then we returned to my house with Amy, and the three of us spent the next several hours modeling various shoes, getting dressed, and putting on make-up, all while blasting music throughout the house.  There’s nothing like some good girl bonding time before a big event. 

We arrived at the British residence shortly after 7pm, and after presenting our tickets at the gate, followed the trail of tiny lights to the back lawn where tables were set elaborately for the several hundred guests who would attend.  We were soon met by friends, and we took time before dinner to take copious pictures of each other in our finery and posing in front of the pirate ship photo booth.  The theme for the night was “fantasy and fairy tales,” and while very few teachers dressed up, there were others decked out as British fantasy characters.

Teachers making pirate faces.

The event officially started with fireworks, as all serious events in Guatemala seem to.  We oohed and aahed, then moved towards the tables for dinner—a delicious four course affair including a salad with tiny gold beads of sugar, crisp asparagus served with potatoes and either beef tenderloins or cheese tortellini, and tiny bites of dessert. 

After the meal, a raffle, and a costume contest (which our friend Dennis easily won with his knight of the round table costume), the dancing began.    Time flew by quickly as we (literally) danced the night away.  The music was great, the company fantastic, and we all had a great time.  All of a sudden, it was 3am, and we looked around to find that the crowd had drastically thinned.  For us, it was time to go home, tired and content. 

Dennis (in his award winning costume) and I

I may not have worn glass slippers or met my prince at the ball, but dressing up and being treated like royalty, I certainly felt like a princess for the night.  

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