Monday, March 10, 2014

Unplanned Perfection

Some weekend activities you plan and look forward to for weeks.  Sometimes, the plans fall into your lap the day of, and the day turns into one of the best in a long while. 

Saturday afternoon, I was invited to hang out at the rooftop pool of my friend Chris’s new apartment building.  So I grabbed my towel and sunglasses, and approximately half an hour later, I stepped off the elevator onto the 15th floor and into the sunshine to be greeted by my friends and a spectacular view of Guatemala City. 

I crossed the wood floors, took in the view of comfortable patio furniture, the bar, the fire pit, the hot tub and the infinity pool overlooking the city skyline.  After shedding my outer layers, I dipped my toes into the pool to find it to be heated.  I am not sure I recall the last time I had the luxury of a heated pool. 

We spent the entire afternoon floating, laughing, soaking, lounging on the patio beds and basking in the sunshine, sitting at tables and munching on sushi, relishing in the view, and leaving our cares and worries behind us.  Surrounded by some of my favorite people, soaking in the sunshine, I felt the most relaxed and happy that I have in a long time.  Being on the rooftop felt more like being at a resort than on top of an apartment building.  Amy and I are already plotting how we might be able to make use of the space when Chris is out of town.  Who needs to escape the city on the weekend when you can go to the pool on the 15th floor? 

That evening, we went to our homes, showered and freshened up, then met up again and set off for Antigua.  After checking into our hotel and finding a quick meal, we met up with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday.  We danced until closing time, fended off men who wanted to dance with us and stuck together, ended the night with tacos, and fell into bed late.

Sunday morning, we woke up in good moods, laughing about little things—spiders and snoring and tacos that were tinier than expected.  We packed up our belongings and walking leisurely to Casa Santo Domingo, where I have been meaning to go for their brunch buffet for a long time. 

It was delicious.  The setting was beautiful and relaxing.  We ate too much, then took time to explore and enjoy the grounds and ruins that make up Casa Santo Domingo.  I have peeked around before, but never as extensively as Sunday.  We climbed stairs, were blessed with a stunning view of Volcan Agua atop the clouds, Volcan Fuego spewing smoke in the distance, of lush green hills and flowering plants.  We moved inside, discovered a jaw-dropping ballroom, a renovated chapel, a door to the gardens.  We took our time, taking moments to appreciate the beauty of the country in which we live. 

I took no photos this weekend.  I never had my camera with me, because I never expected to experience so many beautiful moments.  Sometimes the times you don’t happen to have your camera with you are the images and moments you’ll never forget.   

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