Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School

I survived!!  Day 1 of school is officially over.  Really, I think the day went pretty well.  As soon as my 8th grade homeroom came in in the morning, I relaxed and realized that these are just kids…just normal 8th graders like the ones I’ve been interacting with for the past 6 months.  And being up in front of the classroom just felt natural.  Phew! 

Want to see my classroom?  It’s still pretty bare.  But I’m going to have those 8th graders make some posters in the next few weeks that will fill my walls with a little more pizzazz when they’re done with them. 

My desk and the front corner of the room

The back corner of the room.
My desk would be to the right of this picture.

Standing  behind my desk

Standing in front of the textbooks.  Desk is to the left.

Today was tiring (I think that’s just a thing with the first day of school).  I did a LOT of talking, because we had a shortened schedule so I got more time with my homeroom and so that we could have an assembly to recognize the seniors (they came in air horns blaring, throwing confetti and mardi gras beads and whistles into the crowd), which meant all I had time for in class was to explain the materials they need to bring with them every day and explain our morning routines so they can jump right in tomorrow.  That made for a lot of talking for me!  Tomorrow we’re on our regular schedule, which means I get to breath between classes, and that I have 90 minutes with each class to get to know my students.  I think tomorrow should be a great day.  

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  1. Hooray for an excellent first day of school! I knew you'd rock! :)