Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting Down to Business: 8/2/11

Today (Tuesday) signaled our first official day of work.  We were to start yesterday, but due to unfinished repairs in the school, only the foreign teachers came in, and only for 2 hours to fill out insurance paperwork and get our checking accounts opened. 

Today was yet another modified day, however, because Tropical Storm Emily has been hovering off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico.  The sun was shining and no rain threatened at 8am, so all of the teachers gathered, and we were told that at 1pm, the decision whether to stay or leave was our call to make.  We could work in our rooms, or we could go home, for those teachers who live farther away or in the mountains. 

The morning was filled with meetings.  First a meeting led by Mr. Delgado, the school’s director, to talk about the school’s policies.  Then the middle/high school teachers had a meeting with Ms. Cruz, our principal.  We had a break for lunch, followed by another middle/high school meeting.  A lot of information was thrown at us today, but I didn’t feel completely overwhelmed.  I like my principal; she’s very straightforward in her expectations—and those expectations seem reasonable. 

At 1pm, our meetings ended.  Danielle and I stayed to work for about half an hour (until the power temporarily went out in the school), then we headed to my house.  (Our roommates were together at Walmart, meaning Danielle had no keys to her own house.  Eddie was working on making copies today). 

After being at home for only a few minutes, Kelsey called Danielle; her battery was dead at Walmart.  Thankfully, my car came with (among many other treasures), jumper cables in the trunk.  We headed over, and the four of us got Kelsey’s car started.  I was so proud of us!  Though I’ve had to get my car jumped or use my car to jump someone else’s over the years, I’ve never done it without a guy or an adult who was confident in the procedure.  Now I have. 

We switched cars, so Jenni came home with me in my car, and Danielle went with Kelsey to get their car fixed.  (I’ll post pictures of these people at some point, so I’m not just rattling off names).  Jenni and I worked on school preparations for a while—until we both burnt out for the day, I think. 

The afternoon brought more rain and wind as it wore on—but as yet, nothing excessive.  No flooding or damaging winds.  No thunder or lightning either.  But then…do hurricanes bring those?

I know this post is boring, and I apologize.  It’s been a work day, with no exciting adventures, unfortunately.   

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