Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life's a Beach in Puerto Rico: 7/30/11

We meant to get an early start to get to the beach on Saturday morning, but sleeping in won out, and we got a mid-afternoon start.  We followed Zach to a beach Eddie had showed him in Maunabo, about 20 miles away from Guayama.  The ride took us briefly up some cliffs and awarded us with great views of the coast. 

After small detour through the town of Maunabo due to a concert played from a school bus in the middle of the street, we found the beach and were not disappointed.  We had the sand all to ourselves.  The waves were great for wave-jumping, but not big enough for surfing, though Zach made a valiant attempt.  We passed a peaceful afternoon drinking in the serenity of the place.


On our way back to Guayama, we decided to stop at a street stand for pinchos (kabobs with no vegetables, served with a slice of French bread, usually).  Sadly, the first stand we stopped at only had one ready and told us it’d be another 15 minutes until they made more.  As the five of us were plenty hungry, we bought the one we had ready and split it amongst ourselves, then went off in the search of somewhere else to eat. 

We found a stand overlooking a calm bay, where we met Anthony, who works there and speaks English.  Anthony fried us up some fresh and hot hot hot pastelillos de pollo (a fried chicken turnover, more or less) while we enjoyed the view. 

Yes...this view is only about 15 minutes from my house.

Yes, I think I can get used to this life.

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