Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crashboat Beach 11/19/11

For some weird reason, Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla gives off a strange vibe to me.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when Kelsey, Rachel, and I went there last Saturday.  The pictures online looked beautiful; some reviews online said it was crowded, a party beach, unclean, and overall not great; some reviews said it was wonderful.

We found the beach with absolutely no problem.  There are actually clear signs marking the turns from PR2, which we were travelling on!  Good signage…how refreshing.

But here’s the reason for my “weird vibe.”  (All of the following combined):   
-The beach is BEAUTIFUL—just what I think of when I think of “Puerto Rican beach.”  Lush green mountains border the beach, making you feel like you’re on the edge of a jungle.  Brightly colored fishing boats line the shore of the powdery sand, adding some “Puerto Rican flair” to the scene.  The water on Saturday was a clear, turquoise blue, and so clear we could see not only our feet, but the patterns the eddying waves made in the sand below us—even in chest-deep water. 
-The beach is disconcertingly close to civilization.  A five minute drive takes you back into Aguadilla.
-There were plenty of people on the beach, but rather than feeling crowded, it felt like there should have been MORE people there.  (This strange sensation was the weirdest of all for me). 

Maybe I got the “weird vibe” because it felt like such a perfect place shouldn’t exist where it does.  I’m not sure.  Whatever was going on, I got over it and embraced the beach.

In fact, the three of us loved it so much, that on Monday, we returned, rather than spending our last day of vacation at one of the beaches in Rincon, where we were staying.  It was a decision all of us were glad of as Crashboat Beach gave us another perfect day on Monday.


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