Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Horseback Riding in Rincon 11-21-11

I have a bucket list.  It’s pretty long, and the first half of it (at least) is specific places I want to go before I die.  Next on the list come the adventure tasks I want to complete.  Things such as skydiving, caving, and riding a camel are included.  At the end of the list are “life goals”—things like coaching a team, making the perfect white sauce for pasta, and finishing writing a novel. 

One of those “adventure tasks” on my list is riding a horse.  For a person whose parents  both grew up on farms and riding horses, riding a horse seemed like something I should have done by now. 

The last day of my mini-vacation in Rincon with Rachel and Kelsey, I got to check it off of the bucket list.  The three of us booked a 2 hour trail ride along the beaches of Rincon with the company Pintos R Us. 

It was just the three of us on the ride, along with 2 guides—which was great.  I was given the most gentle horse of the bunch and a very quick lesson on how to steer (thankfully, Primrose knew to just follow the horse in front of her, because I wasn’t very good at steering), and we were off. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience on horseback.  Our path took us along the road, down onto the beach, up through the forest, on another beach, for a quick run through the grass, the back on the road again to end where we had started. 

We saw a lot of beautiful scenery—including one path along the coast we never would have seen or discovered without the tour.  The guides were great.  The horses were great (though I don’t think Primrose liked me very much, personally).   It was a beautiful way to start the morning! 

Ride a horse: check.

The beach path we rode along and never would have
seen or known about otherwise

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