Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trying not to vomit in St. Lucia

Our day in St. Lucia on the cruise, we took an island tour with a company called Spencer Ambrose.  Spencer’s brother, Neptune, was our tour guide for the day, and he took a group of 10 of us (our group of 4 girls, a couple, and a family of 4) around the island in a large van all day. 

I really looked forward to this day as a day I would see panoramic vistas, charming local life, get to sample local foods, and enjoy a few key sights of the island. 

Unfortunately, I ended up sitting in the middle of the 3rd row of the van.  Even taking motion sickness medicine before (and during) the 6 hour tour, I spent the majority of the day staring fixedly out the front windshield, concentrating on the next bend in the road, trying to keep nausea at bay. 
**Important sidenote: my friends sat in the row ahead of me and I’m sure would have switched seats with me had I asked.  I didn’t ask.  So I really can’t complain much. 

I’ll let pictures do most of the talking for the day.  We did get to see a lot.  And when we stopped at the beach, a perfect stranger let me borrow her snorkeling gear after she’d finished with it, and it ended up being quite possibly the best snorkeling I’ve done in my lifetime.  Brightly colored fish, and water clear enough (and coral healthy enough) that I saw coral of varied hues too.   We also stopped at the “world’s only drive-in volcano,” which I didn’t think would be that exciting, but due to the guide’s humorous and informative spiel, I learned a lot, laughed a bit, and found it to be the most interesting part of our day.   

Looking back on Castries (the capitol)

Neptune explain how bananas are harvested

boys selling trinkets at our van's window

The Pitons

world's only drive-in volcano

One of the Pitons, as seen from Jalousie Beach, where we had lunch
and snorkeled 

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