Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Week's Caribbean Escape

I’m falling a bit behind on this blogging thing, and it’s not because I have nothing to say…it’s because I have too much to say.  Last week I was on a 7 day Caribbean cruise over my spring break.  The problem with blogging about great vacations is that I prefer to tell stories rather than chronicle events.   And with a week’s worth of events, it’s hard to choose which stories to tell. 

Our trip started (and ended) with 4 girls and lots of luggage.  It probably took us close to 15 minutes to figure out how to fit all of us and all of our bags into Heisha’s car so she could take us to San Juan on Sunday.  But we did it!  All of us had bags at our feet and on our laps, but we made it fit.  (Later in the week, all of this luggage translated to a very messy stateroom). 

Here are some highlights of life on the ship for the week:

-Rachel and I knew the ship really well.  Which meant when we led the group, we generally ended up turning around once or twice.  J  But by about halfway through the week, we had the route from our stateroom to the dining room for dinner DOWN.

-Kelsey loves the Promenade. 

-Carnival’s warm chocolate melting cake is DELICIOUS.

-Using the Fun Elevators (glass elevators over the lobby) was all the coercion needed to convince me we didn’t have to take the stairs. 

-Sometimes towel animals are hard to identify. 

-It’s a good thing Carnival had a laid-back, unpretentious atmosphere, because our laughter got pretty boisterous at dinner several nights. 

-On Day 5, Rachel and I realized we’d over-packed, and attempted to wear as many outfits as possible in a single day.  I think we each managed 5.  (I still had clothes at the end that I hadn’t worn). 

-Sometimes even a 7 day cruise can seem too short. 

Stories from the ports coming soon.   

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